In a world that demands more food every day, agricultural sectors around the globe are facing huge unnecessary damages induced by birds. Just a few examples are the flower market in South-America and Africa where the bird damage is expected to be more than € 40 million each year, or the Dutch agricultural sector. Here, farmers are experiencing more and more problems due to geese eating crops from their lands, resulting in geese damages exceeding € 19.5 million in 2016 (and rising further). Additionally, farmers are subordinated by getting none or incomplete compensation for incurred damage by their governments.

Garuda has the solution to make their farmlands more resilient to birds. This is done by providing a service which utilizes autonomous drones to repel birds, which effectiveness is supported by scientific research and a first “proof of concept” by us. We also believe that the benefit of having an autonomous drone is currently underestimated, as it can provide additional value to the farmer, by monitoring farmers’ crops autonomously.


By giving farmers an affordable tool to protect their lands from the damage induced by birds and hence reduce waste, we aim to create a world with an even more sustainable agricultural sector. It will also enable farmers to produce crops at a more stable rate, and to ultimately use their lands more efficiently.

From this starting point we will be able to develop the best drone applications for the agricultural sector with unique capabilities in AI and autonomous systems. Our solution is the first of its kind and will deliver superior value to our customers.


A technical solution to a non-existing problem is useless. Therefore, we believe it is essential to have lead customers in order to develop our product so that it fits their problem perfectly. Before the end of this year we plan to have a working MVP at one of our customers, but we already accomplished the following milestones

  • A validated business plan ✓
  • Launching customer ✓
  • A first test ✓
  • Letters of intent of several clients ✓
  • Initial funding & MVP – fall 2019


Are you active in the agricultural market and interested in our solution? We would be very glad to get in contact with you! Please send us a message via the contact information below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Interested in joining our mission in making agriculture more sustainable, and do you have a background in either Aerospace engineering, Electrical engineering, Computer engineering, Mechanical engineering or any other related technical field? Don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact information below, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

We have several positions available for graduate students and internships.