What about the birds?

But what about the birds? Won’t they starve? Aren’t there more important problems to solve than pestering a few birds?

We’ve also asked these questions to ourselves, and frequently get these asked when presenting our idea. However, when speaking to experts and our launching customers we have learnt that the birds are not dependent on the farmers crops or flowers, and that (at least in the case of our launching customers) there are plenty of natural fields nearby for the birds to eat and live. Oftentimes, it appears that the reason birds choose to sit around the flowers is for coolness, and they simply eat farmers crops in the Netherlands because these crop fields are so nutrient rich they can only be compared to a candy store. We have been assured that removing the birds from these lands does not disturb the ecology of the surrounding area’s.

Additionally, Garuda’s method is a a bird-friendly and eco-friendly solution compared to other methods, such as spraying chemicals or killing these animals.